Patent Algorithms as a Service

What will you build?

Concept Search Algorithm

The IP Street Concept Search algorithm API gives you access to a world class semantic search engine without needing to worry about infrastructure management and complicated optimizations.

You just send us a raw text object like a patent specification, product description, or even a Wikipedia article and we return you patents indexed from most conceptually similar to least conceptually similar.

Latent Semantic Indexing Patent Concept Search
Patent Claim Scope Analysis

Claim Scope Algorithm

Determining which patent claims are the gems in a portfolio is a very time intensive job but the IP Street Claim Scope algorithm makes sure that expensive expert time is well spent.  It supercharges the portfolio analysis process by indexing every independent claim of every patent from broadest to narrowest relative to the patent's class. 

The API is straightforward to use.  You send us patent numbers and we will return claim scope scores for each independent claim in your query. 

Clean Patent Data

Patent data is notoriously inconsistent and dirty.  Our continual process of data scrubbing and harmonization frees you from drudgery of manually checking huge data sets and the worry that inconsistencies may undermine your application.

Just request any number of patents from around the globe and we will send you the cleanest, most consistent patent data you have ever worked with.

If data provenance is important to you, we got that covered too.

Clean Patent Data
Automated Patent Due Diligence Algorithms

Due Diligence Automation

IP Street helps you streamline your due diligence process by providing you an easy way to automate the confirmation of a patent's current status.

You simply send us a patent number and we can return:

  • Maintenance fee histories and upcoming payment windows
  • Existence of security agreements or other encumbrances
  • Litigation and reexamination histories