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Patent Analysis APIs- A new direction for IP Street

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 30, 2016 5:20:36 PM / by Reed Jessen

Reed Jessen

IP Street was founded nearly 6 years ago by some of the most progressive thinkers in the intellectual property world with the goal of enabling our users to rapidly understand patents as an asset class and their role in the greater economy.  Our goal is the same today but advancements in modern software architecture have caused the diversity of use-cases for our advanced patent analytics algorithms to expand beyond anything we could have hoped for.

To enable our users to take advantage of the network effects granted by service-oriented architecture, we are announcing a new direction IP Street.  Starting today, IP Street is an API vendor.  We are liberating our advanced patent tools, previously only accessible through our graphical front-end, making them available for direct integration into your application.  We are offering our clean patent data, our semantic concept search, our claim scope algorithm, and our due diligence automation patent tool at simple-to-access RESTful API endpoints.  

While some users will be excited to code their own applications around our APIs, others will likely like custom solutions built for them.  Never fear, our engineers are available on a consulting basis to help build integrations with the business tools you already use like Excel,  Google Sheets, Tableau, and RapidMiner.  If you can imagiIP_Street_API.pngne it, we can build it.

Our APIs will be going live on a rolling basis over the next 3 months.  The IP Street Semantic Concept Search API and Basic Data Feed API, will be first to go live on April 1st.  If you are interested in being a beta user, please sign up here.   

In the meantime, while you are waiting to get your hands on a shiny new API Key, head on over to our documentation page to see some example uses cases, learn how to make a "Hello World!" API call to the IP Street API Server, or play around in our sandbox environment. We have also set up a forum where you can send us bug requests, feature requests, and general questions about how the API works.

It's our goal to make integrating IP Street's APIs into your application exceeding easy.  Over the coming months we will be open sourcing a series of SDKs in popular languages like Python, R, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. Follow our GitHub Repo to get updates as these libraries roll out. A “Hello World!” call to our sandbox environment is waiting there for you now. 

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