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Announcing the IP Street Amazon Alexa Skill

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 6, 2017 4:53:55 PM / by Reed Jessen

Reed Jessen

The modern API ecosystem promises that everything should be connected. At IP Street, we take this as a personal challenge and work hard to develop interesting new ways of connecting our patent data and patent analytics API service to the world around us.

After stumbling across the Flask-Ask python library by John Wheeler, we realized that Amazon Alexa represents a golden opportunity for us to make working with patent data as easy as talking to a friend. Check it out.

Ask IP Street™ is an Alexa Skill which answers all kinds of questions about patents and patent portfolios. You can ask things like who owns a patent, who invented it, or whether it's still in effect. It's also a really quick way to find out what patents a company owns and get a list of them sent to your email inbox.

Admittedly, Ask IP Street™ is a different take on patent search tools but one that we think we you will find really useful in answering those quick questions which you don't want to open another Google Patents browser window answer.

While we are launching  Ask IP Street™ initially on the Amazon Alexa, we see a world where the ability to talk to your devices about intellectual property assets is ubiquitous. Since it's our goal to make patent data easier to work with, seeing Ask IP Street™ as a Microsoft Cortana skill, a Google Now skill, and skills for any other digital assistant that helps people in a professional setting seems to make a lot of sense.

We're still in closed beta at this point. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please click below.

Beta Sign Up

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