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Introducing Patent Action Forecast

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 2, 2016 4:52:49 PM / by IP Street

IP Street

Here at IP Street we are proud to showcase innovative companies building useful tools with our patent API. Today, we want to introduce you to Patent Action Forecast, a business and intellectual property analytics company specializing in creating reports to enable small and medium business owners understand their patent dispute situation and make more informed decisions.Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.08.43 AM.png

Today is the launch of the Advanced Complaint Analysis report.  This report is for any company who has received a complaint accusing it of patent infringement and wondering where to go from here. The report contains eight sections with analysis addressing the following questions: 

  • Complaint Analysis: How does this complaint compare to other complaints?
  • Adversary Overview: What kind of adversary you are up against? How do you fight them?
  • Adversary Litigation: Has this company sued anyone before? Does it usually win?
  • Lawyers: How aggressive are these lawyers? Do they usually win?
  • Courts & Judges: Where would the lawsuit take place? Are the courts biased?
  • Patent Attributes: Is this a legitimate patent? How broad is the patent?
  • Timeline: How long will this process take?
  • Cost Projections: How much will this cost to settle? How much will it cost to fight?


The above example is a summary of the data-driven Advanced Complaint Analysis report.  This report may help defendants overcome the information asymmetry gap and cut through frivolous lawsuits. Jordan Williams, CEO of Patent Action Forecast explains, "We have seen a quiet revolution in legal analytics the last few years, led by companies like IP Street. The ability to quickly access virtually all patent data and perform advanced analysis allows us to do things in five minutes that would take hundreds of lawyer-hours ten years ago. We wondered if there was a way for the market to address the nuisance litigation problem through analytics. With recent advances we have been able to lower the information asymmetry between an accuser and unsuspecting businesses. Now business owners can be more informed about their patent dispute and the odds of success. The curtain has been lifted. Decisions are based on good information rather than fear and intimidation."  Visit their website to view your report options (ranging from $350-1200).

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