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Patent Data Becomes Easier To Work With

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 15, 2016 11:49:09 AM / by Mikayla Hoffman

Mikayla Hoffman


With the IP Street API, we can quickly build you analysis tools that cut through terabytes of patent data and return thorough information, all while integrating into your existing systems.  Let us automate your currently manual patent work flows.

Here are three examples of the building blocks we offer:


1) Rapid due diligence reports. You send a patent number; we return maintenance fee status, assignment history, existence of litigation, key dates, and encumbrances if they exist. If anything is amiss, it also flags these issues for attorney review. (Our law firm clients in fields such as investment banking, M&A, corporate structuring, wills & estates, litigation, and bankruptcy have all found this valuable).

2) Our sophisticated semantic patent search understands that even patents don't have to have exact keyword matches can interconnected. Quickly understand the relationship between your patent and the rest of the herd and eliminate human bias.

3) Our claim scope analysis algorithm compares every independent claim of every patent against all other independent claims in the given patent's class. (Or skip the grunt work associated with claims charting by using our parsing tool to break every claim down into its core elements).

If you would like to speak about potentially harnessing the power of IP Street APIs for your practice please reach out for a brief tech demo appointment.

Additionally, we'd be happy to send over a trial key for the API.  We love hearing about what our people would like to build with IP Street.

Try out IP Street

You can also review our robust documention and see "Hello, World!" examples on our documentation page. It's our goal to get your team up an running with a fully featured patent analytics infrastructure within a matter of hours.

Looking forward to speaking soon.

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Mikayla Hoffman

Written by Mikayla Hoffman